Quality Control

At Usha the term Quality is Punched and Pressed onto all. Machines and Equipments to Staff and Workmen. It is an Indispensable tool from Designing and Drafting to Manufacture, Execution Methods, Testing, Servicing and After Sales Support.

We have Quality Assurance Plans prepared for each Equipment. These are reviewed and customized as per client requirements. The execution is adhered to such a plan and procedure.

Quality in Execution is controlled through such a preset QAP and Documentation done through Physical Verification and Tests, Measurements.

For Blowers / Fans & Pressure Equipments Non-destructive tests (Dye penetrant, Magnetic particle, Ultra sound, X-ray) are conducted in our plant, depending on the design requirements.

Our manufacturing set up ensures Quality with Timely execution of orders.
Quality product and timely deliveries get precedence.