Customized Fabrication

We are a registered Vendor of Major Mega Industrial Corporates in INDIA.

We offer customized services for as Per Drawing Fabrication of Systems, Components, Equipments for Industries like
Steel PlantsRefineries
Power PlantsSugar Plants
Heavy Fabricated Process Equipment Manufacturers Fertilizer PlantsLandfill & Incineration Facilities
Textile MillsPollution Control Consultants
Petrochemical PlantsProcess Engineering Consultants

Some of the projects undertaken and successfully completed by us :
  • SS 304 Rectangular Storage Tanks 5.5 m3 Capacity for Utility Section of Fertilizer Plant
  • MS Rectangular Storage Tanks 7.5 m3 Capacity for Power Plant Transformer Oil Storage
  • Import Substitute Leak Proof SS 304 RC Fan Assembly Fabrication for Galvanizing Plant
  • Import Substitute Leak Proof SS316 New Jet Cooler Fan Assembly Fabrication for Galvanizing Plant
  • Import Substitute Gear Rack Mechanism for Steel Plant
  • Import Substitute Ring Gear Manufacture for Pipe Mill
  • Manufacture of V Flex Connector for Shot Blasting Machine for Ship Building Co.
  • Fabrication of 250 HP Dust Collector Fan Casing as per Dwg for Steel Plant
  • Refurbishing of Fin Tube Heat Exchangers for Steel Plant Batch Annealing Furnace
  • Fabrication, Testing, Supply, Transport & Erection of 90 m3 Capacity Storage Tank for Thermal Energy Storage Application under Third Party Inspection.
  • SS 321 Venturi Scrubber with CS Pressure Vessel for Wet Scrubbing application in SEZ Steel Plant
  • MS Acoustic Gates for Power Plant
  • Foundation Bolts for various Technological Structures
  • Fabrication as per Drawing of Complete Hazardous Waste Treatment System mounted on two Nos. Folding & Modular Skids. The Systems include fabrication of Skids & Equipments like Hydraulic Waste Feeding System, Primary Furnace, Secondary Furnace Venturi Scrubber with Throttle Valve, Rectangular Water Make up Tank, Nitrogen Storage Vessel, Gas Holding Vessel, SS Heat Exchanger, Cooling Tower Mounting Structure, ID Fan, CA Fan, Interconnecting Water Piping, Interconnecting Furnace Ducting, Instrument Mounting Fixtures, Cable Trays mounting arrangements, Complete plant Box Up, Erection, Testing of plant for operational application and leak tightness of all piping / ducting
  • Fabrication of complete Liquid Incinerator plant equipments like Secondary Furnace Vessel, Packed Bed Scrubber, Interconnecting Ducting / Piping installed for Fertilizer Plant
  • Fabrication of Multi-cyclone Separators for Textile Mills
  • Fabrication of Bag Filters for Textile Mills as per DWG
  • Fabrication of Spray Type Water Scrubbers / Venturi Scrubbers for Process Plants
  • Fabrication of Sand / Carbon Filter Pressure Vessels for Pollution Control Consultants
  • Fabrication of SS RO Plants for Process Engineering Consultants
  • Fabrication of Differential Pressure Discharge Rotary Valves for Textile Mills
  • Fabrication of MS / SS Puddle Pipes for CETP Projects.
  • Manway Davits for Pressure Vessel / Heat Exchanger / Reactors
  • External Insulation Support Straps & Rings for Refinery Reactors
  • Formed Insulation Cleats for Refinery Reactors
  • Ducts & Louvere Fabrication for Dust Collection System of Shipbuilding Facility
  • Railings / Ladders / Platform fabrication for Shipbuilding Dust Collection System
  • Maintenance Fabrication & Erection work for Space optimization in Shipbuilding Shot Blasting Area
  • Slotting Work in SS Tube - sheets for Refinery Reactor
  • SS Formed Trays for Refinery Reactors
  • CS & SS Dished Ends for Refinery Equipments
  • Manufacture of Import Substitute Gear-Box Spline mechanism for Coil Opening Machine
  • Manufacture of Import Substitute Ni Hard Control Cage, Impeller, Blades for Shot Blasting Machine
  • Fabrication & Machining of Continuous SAW Welding Head Components from Non Ferrous Materials like Tungsten Bronze, Tin Bronze & other Copper Alloys for Pipe Mill Application
  • Fabricated Workshop Louveres for Factory Shed
  • Double Start Threaded Tremie Pipes for Deep Sea Piling
  • Fabricated Pulleys for Deep Sea Piling Works
  • Pile Shoes for Factory Shed Column Piling Works
  • Fabricated Folding Louveres for Factory Ventilation
  • Rail Clamps for Overhead Cranes
  • Foundation Bolts like U type, J Type, L Type for Technological Structures
  • Fabricated Main Gates for Plants
  • Machining of various Ferrous and Non Ferrous Components for Construction Equipments
  • Fabrication of 50 MT Piling Gantry Platforms
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Pipe Inserts for Slip Form Casting for Shipbuilding Jetty
  • Internals fabrication for various Refinery Vessels
  • Fabrication of MS Effluent Treatment Plants for Textile Dyeing Mills & Process Plants
  • Fabrication of MS Skid Mounted Modular Effluent Treatment Plants for small Process Plants
  • Consultancy & Design of Fully Automatic Biomedical Waste Sterilization System based on Autoclaving Technology consisting of Non IBR Baby boiler, External Pressure Governed SS 316 Horizontal Autoclave Vessel having centralized Stirrer cum Shredder, Waste Shredder, Discharge Conveyer
  • Design, Fabrication, Supply, Erection, Testing of Automated Glass Crushing & Handling Plant for Tube light Waste dumping for Landfill Site. The System consists of Bucket Elevators, Jaw Crusher, Conical Silo, Vibratory Feeder, Electronic Panel
  • Fabrication of Storage Tanks & Process Vessels for CETP Project
  • Fabrication of Sand Filter & Carbon Filter Pressure Vessels for CETP Project

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Precast RCC Mould Fabrication
Moulds fabrication (Shutters) for Precast RCC Sections in generally MS construction.